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New form of art on Earth.
Water (e-motion) combined with Brass (shield) creating powerful tools to work with closely on many levels.

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“FREE GIFT OF LOVE” by Isis St Germaine, December 2011
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Honouring my mystical journey and the Gifts I have received, I believe that true knowledge is instinctive and intuition is natural, and ... IT IS LOVE the main key that maintains the inner channels clear in order for one to connect to one’s sense of inner knowing. PURE LOVE never chooses sides as it accepts unconditionally, seeing and experiencing realities with complete openness, recognition, clarity and compassion.
The process of uniting one’s learning from the outer reality with one’s inner primal sense of reality means to allow every situation to teach one of its deeper meanings, by letting one’s awareness move him/her to accept both sides as one while transforming the doubt, worry and complexity placed by mass consciousness.
Ιn non-physical dimensions where reality is One-ness, thoughts translate into visible effects automatically; their effects are instantaneous as LOVE - the most penetrating and creative Energy of which the Universe is made, reigns and rules the Cosmos. However, when one becomes absorbed by & within the density of the material, one forgets one’s true non-physical identity & origin temporarily, becoming distracted or/and consumed by the vortex of human fear and developing strong patterns of resistance while identifying with the physical time-space perspective. Then it is the learned mode of purely mechanistic thinking that does not allow one to see through the eyes of one’s Soul-Spirit, growing unable to travel past the literal-logical interpretation of ordinary reality. In this process too much time and energy is spent fixating on the external, overshadowing the nurturing sight of spiritual awareness that reveals the unseen threads and patterns of the deeper meanings behind the events of everyday life.
Without doubt, this is all necessary in order for one to experience the actual process of unveiling and to ascend, by transmuting the blocks to see the whole instead of a part and learning to trust the inwardness that holds the inner knowing imprinted in one’s inborn memory.
Based on my life experiences, I believe that everything happens and IS as it is for a higher purpose, and ... the invisible Energy of the earthbound Soul already owns the knowing that there is always causation behind all seemingly random physical events or ‘accidents’, which are in fact synchronistic. Any event carries energy threads with specific messages, signs and symbols, waiting patiently to be grasped and fully valued.
Synchronicities are divine links that actually lead into the particular pre-agreed direction which the Soul has willingly chosen for this lifetime. For this reason, paying attention to them is of the utmost importance when one seriously wishes to begin weaving the puzzled tapestry of one’s experiences, opening up spiritually and seeing the true inner causes of one’s life events in depth. Therefore, by becoming a mystical observer; seeing the commonly unobvious and sensing-reading the subtle signs of synchronicity consistently, one enables oneself to witness, confirm and respect that there is always an underlying spiritual order that supports, directs and marks events with integrity, discovering first-hand how spiritual reality energises the physical. Then, in a natural manner, one becomes able to ascertain that events are deeply meaningful
and endlessly rhythmic within the spiral of the evolution of all things. One celebrates that it is only through full collaboration with one’s physically invisible core (i.e. the Spiritual Self) that one can access, decipher and fully understand that which is often called a ‘mystery’. Consequently, every event arrives and is received as a Gift; a manifestation of energies acting behind the scenes, waiting to be delved into devotedly. In this way, one sweeps aside the curtain between the physical and the spiritual, lifting the veil and actively restoring the original balance. And although the immediate consequences of seriously testing events can be experienced as deeply unearthing, soon the results bring voluntary purification and refinement, as one not only finds but trusts the missing links that connect to the permanent root of one’s Being behind the personal earthly self, getting in touch with and wearing consciously the innate jewel of strength and wisdom. So, on conceiving the magical inter-relationship and companionship of the visible and the invisible forces combined, which create perfect harmony at all times together, one re-grows to be consciously part of the divine sphere within which one always exists.
The experiences I lived in 2007 (that involved THE most intense testing experience which in re-turn was THE most profound Source of my unending Enlightenment) generated THE most pressing need to understand them thoroughly while still on Earth. Then, while feeling literally as if ‘fried in the pan’ on the physical plane, I started asking my invisible Guides and Protectors very intensively and sincerely from my Heart; without the asking there would have been no answering... In this way I was blessed with higher Guidance and Training, to which I was humbly open and surrendered, actively finding out myself and verifying experientially that indeed I fully own the eternal energetic identity of my Soul, as long as I AM in constant alignment with 'the receiving of it, i.e. allowing myself to be One with the Source Energy of which I AM always part.
From my human experience, by heavenly grace and my commitment I learned that, when one projects very specific signals with the loving intent of a pure heart, radiating powerfully the LOVE Energy that one IS at all costs and remaining wide open and determined to KNOW, then one instantly becomes the knowing from up above and from deep within (the two match to One) since the whole Universe is affected. In other words, when one re-activates one’s eternal connection to the Home-Source retrieving fully one’s ability to consciously and trustingly engage and interact moment-by-moment, then one becomes readily available to receive, accept and gradually translate all events as part of the universal plan. In this process the greatest requirement, I believe to be also necessary, is having faith in a way that manifests one’s primal sense of integrity/purity/ intactness.
Effectively, while one keeps moving within the Energy currents of the synchronistic process that subtly throw light into the life and scheme of things, holding on to the invisible chain that manifests the sacred interconnectedness of humanity and the spirit world, one keeps receiving what is ready to receive, knowing with certainty at a deep level that THE ONLY BAROMETER ONE HAS ON EARTH IS INDEED ONE'S DIVINE HEART.
So, on daring to fully appreciate the Energy of LOVE that one IS and live-manifest it here-and-now by shining one’s LIGHT [i.e. the divinity of Self, the multidimensional Consciousness, the timeless and unchangeable Spirit that one IS always within and beyond time-space] one remembers that everything happens in the school of physical life for a sacred purpose, ultimately, to unveil and re-confirm that one’s main work on Earth is to transform one’s incarnated or ‘double’ existence (inward/internal and external) into ONE by equally valuing both. In this process, with unshakable deep faith, tolerance, praise and compassion, one re-turns to be the FREE GIFT OF LOVE that one IS all-ways.
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Based on unpublished material written by Isis St Germaine between December 2007 and December 2008, relating to "The Way Love Endures"
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My LOVE for 'my' Twin Soul is 'a tremendous amount of' Energy that I carry within me and around me always. There is no sense of separation between 'me' and my Love for 'him'; I AM IT. On attempting to describe it with human words, it is like an unending, continuously available divine flow of deeply felt sense/Feeling -not just an emotional feeling but a spiritual Force- that readily connects with & is part of 'his', binding us together (beyond common thought restrictions) and creating a Bridge of Light Between Us, through which we are always driven by Eternal Law to reach the level of LOVE that is the ultimate -back to the point of our Creation. Lifetime after lifetime on earth, we have both built this conscious awareness individually as well as between us, while unwinding negative strands of energies that stood in the way of us Meeting in Oneness and preparing for the time we reach this ultimate Union.
As I found out through experience, until Twin Souls achieve a certain level of Oneness with their own true Selves, they naturally keep amplifying any unresolved issues by each other's presence, helping each other in this way to evolve further.
Moreover, one of the unique contributions Twin Souls bring to humanity is to purify, elevate and renew other people's awareness of what TRUE LOVE IS, as they share great spiritual power together through their identical blueprint of identity which carries an impelling call from within to share the highest expression of LOVE.
So... what IS LOVE?
True Love is the Essence of Life-in-any-form; it is the prevailing force upon Heaven and Earth where nothing exists without it. True Love is timeless and spaceless, giving birth to The All That Is. True Love is above and beyond time-space; time and space do not affect how one is, feels and experiences it.
My understanding is that love and Love are not the same, as the concept of love means different things to different people. For TRUE ETERNAl LOVE to BE, it takes time and effort that requires emotional investment as well as consistent inner work. In this way one grows into one's conscious connection with the Source, becoming fully aware that it all starts from within. Knowing pure Self-Love (meaning that it is not centred around the 'I' through the consciousness of the ego mind) is the first Step in discovering the true meaning of Love. Building up one's sense of self-respect and integrity through loving oneself unconditionally is a necessary requirement, as are amongst others, real devotion, unconditional goodwill and the tuning of the mind and heart to Eternity, i.e. the One Dimension in which All Exists. Then one spontaneously knows how and feels safe to trust going to great lengths for shining the Light and Beauty of true love without losing one's sense of honour, flowing out one's Energy in acts of service that illuminate and reveal the grand reward of knowing that Love has no end.
The inner knowing of LOVE benefits one's emotional and spiritual growth immensely, which in turn also helps one to pass back Home with no fear, in profound peace and trust. Twin Souls stay together no matter what and they let nothing and no one get in the way of being together. They go to the 'end of the world' to be with each other, following Steps that are the hardest and do anything for each other with no conditions, being always forgiving and feeling deeply empowered by their loyalty to their shared Infinite Gift. This IS the Energy that sustains them eternally, as well as tests them also; the very Essence and core of their Being.
I believe that Love is true sacred Friendship that sparkles in the dark like the sun -even when things go tough, bringing lasting unity, rain or shine, humbly adapting and persevering, being fiercely courageous together while enduring each coming storm at its peak. Every perceived adversity is a divine Gift carrying a hidden Blessing; a stimulant to one's spiritual growth which calls for the Help of the very Essence one is made of, that is always pure LOVE. In this way, the waves of perceived pain and suffering become the greatest gifts of being human, since there is no pain or suffering when one knows LOVE with sincerity of Heart, i.e. with the conscious Integrity of one's Being, manifesting the full power of the Soul that s/he is under all circumstances.

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Abridged version - Excerpt from Book:
"ADVANCED BIOSOPHY: The Practical Knowledge of Life on Earth Within the Planes of the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions of Consciousness"
by Isis St Germaine, May 2010
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Moving on to the next Floor, the 6th Dimension, one experiences earthly life Beyond the concept of Matter on all levels.
The incarnated Soul is active Consciousness and 'as if' without a physical body. In other words, one participates in the multidimensional plane of one's Existence energetically, while spontaneously aware of experiencing life on Earth from 'a place' beyond density; floating creatively.
In the best way I am able to describe my experience with human words, which I often find have definite limits for this, one is 'detached' from the dense physical body, however there is no point in time when a conscious effort is made 'to detach' as such. There is a spontaneous shifting from one state of being to the next in a most natural manner, which may be captured by one's awareness as it happens, during the experience or later at hindsight while reflecting. The experience itself feels like an instant smooth 'hopping out' of Matter; a literal 'being at Home' and sequentially, a sort of grounding very high energies with unbroken continuity in Consciousness.
Indeed, on the 6th Floor the expression of one's Soul, itself, becomes almost impossible to define in common language, as one is deeply and fully engaged in meaning-filled activity, creating at a very high level vibrational frequency. There is no conscious effort to produce anything, find something in particular or cause it to happen. One is guided and flows automatically to purpose and all takes place literally by itself with perfect syncronicity, as if by magic.
Furthermore, the next Floor becomes quite easily available, i.e. the 7th Dimension where the Ascended Teachers Work. This is the plane of blissful harmony where I find my Soul communicating directly with our Oversoul Group (the primary Soul Group of 12 I belong, which consists of 6 pairs of Twin Souls). This is the access door that also welcomes incarnated Souls when they ascend spiritually, i.e. identifying completely with one's Soul and manifesting conscious immortality while still on Earth.
At this level of Consciousness the whole is actively more important than its parts. However one still carries a sense of one's individuality, which is becoming rather faint while in the process of gradually merging and uniting with the Collective. When this happens, then the Soul finds itself on the 8th Floor - Home of the Ascended Teachers, operating mostly through the Oversoul Group.
"True strength comes to the Heart who Loves Unconditionally, regardless"
~ 11:57.10.19 ~

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Abridged version - Chapter from Book:
"ADVANCED BIOSOPHY: The Practical Knowledge of Life on Earth Within the Planes of the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions of Consciousness"
by Isis St Germaine, May 2010
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As it is defined on Earth, one learns that Matter is anything that takes space, while capturing its perception through some form of interaction.
One is also taught to differentiate that Matter comes in solid, liquid and gas forms. So the earth, the sea, the stars, even the oxygen in the air that one breathes which is invisible and intangible, are classified as Matter. Moreover, every little tiny drop of rain and every little tiny dust grain are considered to be Matter since the density of their substance gives them form, creating in this way the impression of their visible existence.
On another note, as I understand it, the illusion of space and distance stems from the human need to measure and compare, identify differences and classify, particularising the abstract. In this way one brings order apparently, to what s/he perceives as disorder. Consequently, the impression of distance between things is produced (the three dimensions: length, width, height) - on the outside, which inevitably creates the sense of separation of things (also loss and deprivation) - on the inside.
However, the more one becomes sensitised to information that comes beyond the 5 senses, the more one's original memory awakens, allowing one to recognise that the actual process of different-iation, by which the idea of 'being different and separate' is promoted, is a created temporary false impression since there is no distance between 'things'; only in the ideas behind them.
Based on the Law of Complementarity, one can find access to the concept of space as a symbol of expansion and a means to esoteric extension of one's consciousness, since everything that looks seemingly 'independent' mutually comes to meet, completing the whole and bringing divine perfection.
To continue further, one also often learns that Matter (visible and sensitive to the 5 senses) TOGETHER WITH Energy (invisible to the 5 senses) are the constituent parts of the Universe. Therefore, the human mind is enabled in this way to recognise fearlessly 'the invisible' to the 5 senses, i.e. the Energy that reveals itself indirectly from within the visible effects that it has upon humans and their environment. For example, the invisible electromagnetic effect the Sun creates upon one's physical body (all levels), and the invisibly 'mobile' Energy of the Air (which is considered formless Matter).
Based on my mystical experiences and Training, as well as on brief occasional knowledge of quantum physics, I believe that MATTER IS ENERGY SOLIDIFIED. In other words, the essence of Matter IS Energy. Hence there is no differentiation between Matter and Energy, since it is the Energy of Light in its dense form that creates the temporary illusion of every material entity as it becomes known via the 5 senses. Everything is Energy; Electromagnetic Energy, Radiation of Light or else Ether.
Energy is infinite and while it can transform; it always IS. The Spirit, the Soul, the Mind, the Heart, the Matter (physicality); all are Light Energy that renews itself constantly. When one is filled with pure unconditional Love, one is able to FEEL even in one's material body the unique vibrancy and depth of what I mean by Energy. Why?
Because then, as school physics explain, the human body becomes a conductor of Energy, manifesting through the higher mind and the divine heart. In other words, when one allows the electrical load of PURE LOVE into his/her system freely, then one produces and transmits electromagnetic waves (i.e. invisible lines of Power that vibrate). Thus one creates an invisible high Energy field which affects his/her human body rather deeply and profoundly. In this process, the POWER of the load of LOVE, which predominates, brings forth the electrical field, while the MOTION (or e-motion?) of the load, which supports it, creates the added extra power of the magnetic field.
Put another way, thought together with e-motion, or respectively, the intensity of the electricity of the mind (male power) together with the powerful magnet of the prompting heart (female power), meet together to form a divine cycle of dynamic interplay flowing constantly together, as long as none of them withdraws from their Source.
It is in this way that the incarnated Soul affects profoundly and is affected profoundly, transmitting and receiving (i.e. inter-exchanging) Energy in the form of invisible electromagnetic waves. Put simply, the Soul is a transmitter-receiver of Energy that exists and vibrates in the Universe, either on earthly grounds or beyond them. And since it is always Part of the Whole, it is exposed in a wide variety of energies; an invisible spectrum of vibrational frequencies. Within the earth plane, every single structural unit of his/her life has the capacity to react to electromagnetism, as every part of the human body produces Energy constantly. This why one is able to transmit an individual frequency of Energy; be a transmitter. At the same time, since one's environment is always filled with electromagnetic Energy, one is open and receptive to the energetic vibrations from all around him/her; therefore is a Receiver.
So, for example, as every visible part of the dense physical body produces and transmits electricity (which is invisible), in the same way one transmits also one's thoughts and wishes (also invisible). As the organs of the 5 senses receive stimuli and messages and decipher them through chemical analysis with clarity, recognising smells, tastes etc., in the same way the incarnated Soul is in a position to receive clear stimuli and messages from the higher planes/dimensions of consciousness, decipher them, as well as send them interacting consciously. Consequently, for the one who is open enough and ready to conceive the fact that this IS a natural process; a divine innate ability that one has by birth waiting patiently to be fully appreciated, it becomes a sequence of actions regularly followed. Then one knows from experience that there are no 'great distances' when one communicates telepathically.
~ Having already had 1000+ earthly days of experience to support the above insights, through the mutually conscious Energy relationship that we have maintained directly between us with my beloved Twin Soul, I feel truly honoured to be sharing my knowledge with the world ~
[ The word TELE-PATHY carries two parts:
'tele' means 'great distances', signifying 'encoding and decoding information',
'pathy' is 'pathos', meaning in greek 'strong emotion', i.e. intense manifestation of high energies at the astral/emotional plane.
In other words, TELEPATHY means 'I feel LOVE from afar', which is something the incarnated Soul does every single day!
To me, telepathy means to celebrate the irresistible natural tendency of human beings to remain connected at Soul level with their One Source. ]

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Abridged version - Excerpts from Book:
"ADVANCED BIOSOPHY: The Practical Knowledge of Life on Earth Within the Planes of the 5th,6th and 7th Dimensions of Consciousness"
by Isis St Germaine, May 2010
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Based on my mystical journey, I now know experientially that time is a useful illusion, since in the various levels of consciousness there are other forms of space and time where the laws vary. For example, when one sleeps, one knows exactly how to journey spontaneously beyond the stamp of the familiar time frames.
The concept of time is always relevant to the meaning one gives to it because time flows in different rhythms, according to one's perception. So when one functions beyond the barrier of the mathematical line-arrow of linearity which defines time, i.e. past - present - future, then the door to The Eternal Now - 'the here and now' - opens. In this way, one liberates the mind from the ancient invention of the sand timer, which brings confusion in the way one learns and chooses to use it.
Beyond common thought, time cannot be defined since the present moment never ends. Everything happens simultaneously within the continuum of the moment, i.e. The Eternal Now, which by its nature is practically impossible to define as it is a point that moves constantly, with no end. Everything co-exists with no differentiation, discrimination or separation, on the basis of the Timeless Existence of the Soul within the Universal Flow. However humans are taught to approach their Existence in a way that overlooks the fact they are Light Beings flowing eternally.
Basically, time is a human creation that sets the commonly acceptable boundaries of life within the space of the earthly sphere. It is an agreement that predominates, reigning on the Earth intentionally, through which the human mind learns to operate creating dividing lines in order to conceive what it perceives as chaos. So, based on a sequence of fleeting points that the mind itself sets, in order that its owner becomes organised finding a stable base temporarily, it gives form to the incomprehensible chaos by bringing order through this false sense of this concrete arrangement.
In other words, time is an illusion of the material mind giving shape to the limitless, through particularising and creating structure and definite patterns. It is a short-term framework on which humans build their temporary stay on Earth, learning to take it for granted in order to define the indefinite; dealing with vagueness through creating linearity. In this way experiences are accommodated and events categorised and filed under the labels of 'past' - 'present' - 'future', or beginning, middle and end.
One finds the key of Timeless Existence at the entrance of the 5th Floor.
In timeless reality, which begins in the 5th Dimension, the world of matter is simply a shadow of the spiritual/heavenly realm and the physical body a tool; a reflection of one's divine Existence. Every motion is an image of time; not time itself.
In timeless reality, nothing ends so there is no past, and nothing begins so there is no future. Every point of Existence is already within the next, flowing unstoppably.
It is only at the lower plane of Creation - 3rd Dimension (matter-space) and 4th Dimension (space-time) - that the idea of separation exists.
In the 5th Dimension, time means The Eternal Now. The phenomenon of day and night is only an indication confirming the Law of Cyclic Motion, Change, as well as Nature's Synchronicity, and it is experienced as such without affecting one's natural flow in whatever one creates in the moment.
Based on my experiences, Life on the 5th Floor expresses the fact that all is interconnected intentionally while following intuitively the chain of developments moment-by-moment, reading the signs and acting trustingly on this basis in every day practical life. In other words, one surrenders willingly to the inner knowing of each moment in the unknown, feeling it instinctively and being naturally attuned to the Flow. In effect, the quality of one's experience is characterised by a unique depth and directness that signifies the transparency of the Soul. One feels secure TO BE in the moment all that one IS, while manifesting one's Energy through all the layers of one's Existence, in the benevolent and protective hands of Divine Infinity.
The Mind of the 5D consciousness thinks and expresses itself by communicating telepathically and it is in this way that one connects with 'the outside' world (while the sense of 'the outside' blends in with 'the inside' with no effort). In other words, there is a constant flow that comes from within+without; available Energy that carries intuitive and visionary information, which one fully trusts as valid, knowing that it comes from the voice of the Soul. Everything happens 'at the right time', falling into place instantly and magically as one simply cooperates with shifts and changes as part of the Flow, trusting each moment as it reveals itself.
Flexibility combined with respect and reverence for The All That Is as it IS; feelings of profound awe and Love with no conditions, permeate one's conception and perception of the world in all one's interactions, while discerning each and every situation without censure or perplexing thought of what is.
The ego-mind becomes a part of the One Mind, collaborating and forming a simple tool in the process of Co-creation. One, quite readily, feels fully responsible for one's processes and circumstances, without blame or victim hood, making sense of all things as a projection that facilitates further purification of the heart. One owns the knowing that it is not 'the outside world' that affects him/her, but oneself who wishes and chooses to experience things according to the Divine Plan s/he carries to fulfil in this lifetime. One is fully self-aware and trusts each and every step with calm patience, learning from every experience and keeping a panoramic view of life beyond the concept of 'right and wrong', knowing that everything happens for a divine reason. Consequently, one is able to benefit from every little thing, facilitating the whole.
Direct connection and collaboration with one's Spirit Guides (Home) is a 'daily' practice, moment-by-moment, quite naturally. Every test and trial is an intended challenge that helps the complete integration of one's Energy of and on the 5th Floor. One consciously knows that one is an immortal mortal wherever s/he is always, fully appreciating the richness of his/her temporary dual nature while on Earth. Feelings are simply information, flowing naturally and being expressed with great ease with no censure, and the process of decision-making is straightforward with no complications.
Consequently, on the 5th Floor, one becomes one's multidimensional nature that s/he IS from Start, tasting life on Earth while BEING TRANSPARENT fearlessly; joyously true in the divinity of the moment, which never ends...


Abridged version - Excerpts from Book:
"ADVANCED BIOSOPHY: The Practical Knowledge of Life on Earth Within the Planes of the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions of Consciousness"
by Isis St Germaine, May 2010
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Based on my unexpected mystical journey, I gradually came to realise -at hindsight- that for an extensive period of time I was already in the zone of the 5th dimension - on the 5th Floor, as I prefer to say, functioning quite spontaneously at this level of consciousness while ignorant of its deeper meanings. Quite clearly, this state and way of being was the result of my long-term voluntary study, training as well as intensive moment-by-moment inner work of 13 years, while devotedly and full-heartedly aiming at KNOWING MYSELF inside out, enhancing the power of my inner truth and enriching all my relationships.
Rather effortlessly and at the same time unconsciously, the psycho-spiritual ripeness and hence readiness of the energies in our earthly home, spontaneously attracted the uncalled-for appearance of my and our Spirit Guides who meant to bring further awakening to us both, on the next level. Basically that was the grand opening to the highly serious (and of Sirius origin) processes that followed; a set of Twin Souls receiving spiritual initiation and shifting focus completely towards the Light, through the most difficult tests & trials while enduring pain and growing together within the Earth zone and beyond it.
To continue on the gigantic adjustment I, all of a sudden, found to be adamantly necessary to make, in order to keep walking the Path upright after my Twin Soul's Journey back Home, I withdrew from the outside world completely and devoted myself to the Revelation. In-deed my Twin Soul was still with me in Spirit, very actively and so were all our Guides, plus more revealed. Step-by-step, with the utmost reverence and courage, vigilant vision and tireless warrior faith, as well as buckets of tears, I learned to contain the process of this secret Unveiling. I became an expert on walking and working closely and calmly with the Universal Flow while reading/deciphering its cues, signals and signs with ceaseless Guidance and Training (from above), feeling deeply challenged by the magnitude of both the experience and the task. I acquired the skill in earthing/grounding decisively the most truly outstanding experiences, recognising with more and more ease the original language of my Soul and feeling enchanted and deeply emotional. Occasionally, I made the effort to connect with the outside world briefly, to enjoy the honour of distributing our books, realising now more than ever the fear, doubt and mistrust of even spiritually minded people who would describe themselves as 'spiritually aware'. Learning to keep wearing my cloak of invisibility and discerning how and when to take it off became an art itself.
Living on the 5th Floor while on Earth and sharing the processes of my Ascension eventually found a voice through co-authoring this book, when I received the Blessing of its title. Although I was not familiar with the term "Advanced Biosophy" it soon made true sense, since it embodies the magnificence of Divine Perfection as one manifests the full spectrum of one's original memory; Being the Soul/Consciousness that s/he is, authentically, moment-by-moment.
As I understand it, Truth is a state and a way of being that is 'earned' experientially through Knowing Thyself in depth. Truth is not knowledge that comes from the ego-mind; it springs from the Causal Body (the Body of the Soul) while the Soul reveals itself - beyond the 3D veil.


Abridged version - Short introduction from Book:
"ADVANCED BIOSOPHY: The Practical Knowledge of Life on Earth Within the Planes of the 5th,6th and 7th Dimensions of Consciousness"
by Isis St Germaine, May 2010
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The term "Advanced Biosophy" is a new concept brought to my attention by St Germain, El Morya and Kuthumi, in order that I describe in human words the practical knowledge of life on Earth within the planes of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions of consciousness.
The word "Biosophy" has been used in the past by many, for example philosophers described it as "the science and art of intelligent living based on the awareness and practice of spiritual values, ethical-social principles and character qualities essential to individual freedom and social harmony." (see Wikipedia)
As a word 'bio-sophy' consists of two parts: 'bios' - meaning in Greek 'life' and 'sophia' - meaning in Greek 'wisdom'.
In the blessed way I have been guided to bring this term to re-new-ed service at this point in time in history in this particular way, "Advanced Biosophy" carries and expresses an outstandingly powerful position 'towards as well as of' life on Earth.
It springs from the highest levels of consciousness, i.e. the Divine Self who is fully awake and in constant motion within the human body in the here and now, having already walked and keeping in the long process of Ascension, and ascended spiritually, experiencing everyday life in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions on Earth.
Therefore, the field of Advanced Biosophy represents not only the human who is dedicated to the Way - the Path of finding Oneness within and without, constantly focused in actively aiming to BE the beautiful Light s/he IS, but most importantly it holds tightly the one whose Lightbody is on the verge of or has already come into full manifestation, realising his/her Soul's highest potential and stabilising continuously, consciously and courageously.
Hence, the heart of Advanced Biosophy does not beat as fast in the various stages one goes through while on a quest to explore theories and gather academic knowledge, which touch the surface of INNER KNOWING, probing and triggering it. It finds its place in the process of crystallising and manifesting sacred knowledge revealed through trials and intense spiritual experiences, as an ongoing process of continuing living experience of intense Blessing from Home, moment by moment.

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Chapter (part three) from Book "THE EMBODIMENT OF THE INVISIBLE SOUL IN THE CONTINUUM OF LIFE" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009
The Mental Body is the one through which the mind manifests the function of thinking and intelligence within the physical plane, connecting the Soul to the dense 3rd dimensional body in this way.
In this Subtle Energy Body of the Aura, the thread of Consciousness is characterised by all the mind processes, like the formation of impressions, thoughts, perceptions, memory, focusing, contemplation, analytical judgement, processing, imagination, ideas etc.
The Mental Body is very closely connected to the Emotional, directly and mutually, since every emotion creates a thought and vice versa. It receives information and translates it. Therefore, when one is not in touch with the Heart centre within, it becomes rather difficult to control the activities of the mind. It is then that the power of logic-the rational mind, precedes outranking the heart and overshadowing one's psycho-spiritual integrity. One functions in the linear way and cuts off from the higher spheres of Existence. When the mind of matter influences the initial moment/point of perception, creating dividing lines and walls, like the one of 'life and death', then it becomes a difficult job to sensitise oneself to the bank of memory available within, which validates the eternal Flow of the Consciousness one IS. The Soul becomes controlled by logic, which has never been proven in history in any way to have, not even a scientifically orientated valid base. For aeons, humanity has functioned on the simple hypothesis that logic is correct, creating prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. As a result, often the common or social mind tends to fear thinking beyond knowledge already acquired through mass conditioning.
The human brain is a divine mechanism; however still a temporary machine/tool for the human, like a computer, that follows instructions. It is interesting to know that the human mind takes only about 5 to 7% of the brain's space; it seems that the rest of the brain is filled with the etheric experience of Consciousness. So when the human mind is trained and then chooses to function solely on rational thinking, the brain follows meticulously. When the intellect releases itself from extreme rational thinking then one begins to discover pure thinking, which does not come through the processes of mind alone.
To continue, on the higher octaves of the Mental Body, where pure thinking establishes itself through combining thoughts from the higher layers of the Emotional and Mental subtle bodies, the next one -the Spiritual Body- becomes more and more strongly activated. At this plane, still part of the Mental Body, is the CAUSAL BODY, i.e. the higher sphere/layer of the Mental; symbolically "the Body of the Soul". This Energy field carries all causes of thoughts, feelings and actions; it is like a storehouse of all the accumulated knowledge, experience and history of the Soul's Existence. Twin Souls share the same Causal Body, as I have had the honour to find out 'firsthand'.
Accordingly to the above, while at the lower sphere of the Mental Body one identifies with one's personality (ego self, ego consciousness), at the higher level where the Mental becomes one with the Spiritual layers, one is fully aware of his/her individuality (original self) and able to access information instantly from the Spiritual plane. This means that both the Mental and Emotional Bodies have already engaged in full collaboration, preparing the ground to create a unified field of high Energy which includes all Subtle Bodies together (...with anchor the dense physical to earth it). In this way the Lightbody finds full manifestation, which is the outcome of Work accomplished in complete cooperation.
The Spiritual or Light Body, which is of the highest vibrational frequency and becomes activated on the 5th Floor (5th Dimension), is the seat of one's innate spiritual powers that nourish and nurture, bringing constant rejuvenation and regeneration while allowing direct and continuous access to the One Source.
Based on my experiential truth and knowledge, the Lightbody is the vessel of heavenly treasure, in other words, of the Blessing of the Soul itself existing, through which the human being becomes a possible event. When humans fully conceive and appreciate the sacredness of Existence from within to without, then they understand the sacred laws of Heaven. As a result, pure thinking (i.e. the higher octave of perception) which is based on intuitive vision (i.e. the higher octave of emotion/feeling) becomes fully available, while the Lightbody shines the colours of the Rainbow brightly.
[More on the Lightbody and life on the 5th Floor/Dimension, in posts to follow]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Chapter (part two) from Book "THE EMBODIMENT OF THE INVISIBLE SOUL IN THE CONTINUUM Of LIFE" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009
The Emotional or astral body, of which seat is in the palace of the Heart - the divine centre of Knowledge and Wisdom, carries the vibrational frequency of emotions, feelings, desires, passions, pleasures etc. It is the vehicle of the emotional world.
It is through the Emotional Body that the human Soul shapes his/her life perceptions and builds skillful will, since it is highly sensitive vibrationally picking up even the most fleeting sense or desire and storing multiple information signals instantly. Therefore it directly influences the intellect and mind processes to the utmost degree in a rather definitive way. It is the heart's intentions, thoughts and impulses that affect quite easily one's thought processes and perceptions.
When the incarnated Soul functions via the humanly created ego-mind (3D mind or ego consciousness) then s/he exists at the lower astral sub-plane where energies are very low due to the density of matter.
When there has been a deep cleaning of the Emotional Body, then one exists at the higher levels of the astral plane, since one has actively transmuted, i.e. recovered one's true nature of the Self.
On awakening the innate powers of suppressed astral consciousness and emotional intelligence, one brings to one's service the higher octaves of the 5 senses, in other words, the astral senses or psychic abilities, enabling oneself to communicate telepathically. Telepathy is the ability to receive, access and transmit quantities of information without conscious intention or awareness, while attuned to the higher frequencies. Briefly, examples of the astral senses are: clairvoyance or astral vision, which means having clear sight, strong sense of inner vision, auric sight, clairaudience or astral hearing, i.e. receiving messages from 'above' ('channelling' or downloading), hearing the thoughts of others and subtle sounds, clairsentience or astral touch when touching and sensing energies, having tingling sensations, gut feelings, feeling things very intensely, having deep empathy.
To continue, people often learn to perceive these astral senses as 'super-abilities' in humans since they surface beyond the grasp of the 5 senses. The mind tends to look for logical proof and physical evidence before anything else. Therefore it is important that one cultivates the necessary ground first, making sure there is solid access to self-awareness and spirituality. In this way the door comes open to spontaneous recognition of the astral senses for what they are effortlessly, without calculation, hesitation or disbelief. Basically, it is the harmonious interrelation and interconnection of all things within the Cosmic Flow, as they are always so closely interwoven with perfection, that promote discernment between prejudice and intuition, naturally. Then, quite simply, one has the instinctive certainty to trust this esoteric knowledge.
The spontaneous telepathic communication that springs from the pure innocence of authentic inner vision, is an inborn sacred Gift that releases the voice of the Soul itself. It is through marrying the divine nature of the Heart to the higher Mind that one automatically gains access to the Records of authentic secret knowledge. Having as a compass one's inner voice, which knows how to speak the one eternal Universal language by birth, one is able to humbly trust and utilise all the wonderful moments of earthly life instinctively, with child-like innocence.
Furthermore, with regard to the astral plane, since it is the closest to the layer that connects the earth's surface to the invisible kingdom, it is also the zone to which the Soul transfers usually when it leaves the physical dense body. It is at this level/plane of Existence that the Soul reflects back on its most recent earthly journey and path, with the help of Spirit Guides and the Akashic Record (i.e. Cosmic Memory).
Also, the Soul's stay at the various sub-planes of the astral world depends on the level of spiritual progress that has already been achieved before the Transition, since the actual detachment from the dense physical body does not alter perception. However, now, while at the more subtle levels of Existence, the Soul's perception is completely released/liberated as it does no longer form through the barriers of physical-brain consciousness and time-space. It is in a state of wakefulness that allows to see directly both sides simultaneously. Consequently, the stay at the astral level/plane is brief when the Soul was already dedicated to his/her esoteric-inner development while incarnated, directing all efforts to higher purpose. It is in this way that one gradually frees oneself off every/any emotional unnecessary past baggage, going through the various layers of the astral plane consciously, while still on Earth. As a result the Emotional or astral Body becomes fully available, activating fully the higher subtle bodies beyond mundanity. Then later, when the Soul transfers back Home, it can quite easily leave the astral plane so that it can move towards the higher mental plane or prepare for a new incarnation if there is an impulse for it.
Moreover as I believe through Divine Grace and experience, one prepares constantly for the Journey back Home while going through the out-of-physical-body experience every day, during 'sleep'. This state of being happens spontaneously to all humans when going to hibernation beyond the zone of time-space and far from earthly activity. During sleep, the 5 senses do not work temporarily and there is no contact with the 3D world. Consciously or subconsciously, one enters the zone of the first sub-plane of the 5th dimension (if the Emotional Body is clean enough) through the astral body since this is the next available subtle body after the Etheric double. In this way s/he experiences the astral plane where the laws are different as there is no time - everything happens simultaneously.
So now, one does not read impressions and information from the physical plane but from the astral; in other words, one's astral consciousness becomes activated beyond time-space. Quite effectively, now one exists temporarily (while 'asleep dreaming') in a plane that is already familiar (i.e. the emotional world) which determines and maps out continuously his/her consciousness in everyday life.
When the incarnated Soul still carries the density of 'dark' feelings, then his/her consciousness remains imprisoned in the lower layers of the astral world, while 'asleep' too. When consciousness is higher, then one is able to experience the plane of the 5th Dimension (which is that of the Lightbody) and utilise his/her astral experiences.
Within the expanded experiential knowledge I have had the honour to acquire, to me it is established beyond doubt that 'dreams' are the necessary trips/journeys of the Soul that take place while 'sleeping' (I call it "journeying") with the purpose of contact with the Monad, renewing Home connection regularly. Beyond all barriers, 'sleeping and dreaming' provide the necessary space in earthly life to remind one of the more subtle levels of his/her Existence, as well as receive divine messages, further knowledge and training - provided that one has the necessary readiness to receive, co-operate and remember it too. Beyond common thought, 'dreaming' does not mean 'I fantasise' or 'I desire', it means I work and I co-operate at a level of consciousness beyond time-space, aiming at further development. Therefore, astral travel, when one is journeying at the astral world while 'asleep', depends on one's Emotional Body and its state of equilibrium.


Chapter (part one) from Book "THE EMBODIMENT OF THE INVISIBLE SOUL IN THE CONTINUUM OF LIFE" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009
The dense physical body, of which the Soul has the honour within time-space, is encircled by a thin protective and mutable plane of Energy that is called AURA. This fine and very sophisticated synthesis of Energy is composed of SUBTLE BODIES, in other words, light, highly refined Energy states. As the incarnated Soul becomes acclimatised and settles down communicating within the experience of the physical plane, the subtle bodies manifest the level of consciousness s/he carries. While the material body makes use of the 5 senses to read the outside world, the often invisible energies of the subtle bodies flow ceaselessly around it giving expression to the voice of the Soul.
To continue, these immaterial bodies are:
the Etheric or vital body - the Emotional or astral body - the Mental and Causal body/ies - and the Spiritual or Light body. It is through these divine tools that the visible human body is enabled to temporarily host the Soul. Consequently, the Silver Cord - the Heart - the Mind - and the Spirit, respectively, manifest themselves as Energy in accordance with their inherent nature, implementing a wide variety of vibrational processes. Naturally; without Divine Grace and the Soul/ Consciousness, none of this is possible.
More specifically:
THE ETHERIC BODY, which is the seat of veiled memory and the outside contact centre, is vibrationally attuned to the developmental process of the incarnated Soul.
The Etheric subtle body is a fine, light energy body that expands, enveloping the dense physical body while providing to it the Gifts of vital energy and the 5 senses. The actual connection between the two bodies (etheric-physical) becomes possible through the silver cord (which looks like a rather dense ray of Light) while also attaching/'hooking' the other subtle bodies to the dense physical. In effect, Energy flowing through the Etheric layer connects the physical body with the other subtle bodies, acting as a reciprocal-influence mediator. Also, since it is the closest to the physical body, mirroring and thus creating its invisible copy/template, it is also referred to as the 'etheric double'.
In every re-incarnation the Etheric body is re-created since, when the Soul leaves the physical body, it gradually fades out -within days or hours, depending on the Soul's current development level. So, while the Soul is retreating to the more subtle levels of Existence, as it reorients itself during the Transition, the silver cord cuts off and with it the etheric vitality, which spreads in the Cosmic ocean. Parallel to this process, the other subtle bodies; i.e. the emotional, mental and spiritual, remain 'part and parcel' of the Soul, as they are.
Moreover, as I have been alerted to, the process of dissolution (of the etheric body) is facilitated when the dense physical body is cremated, since the purifying element of Fire brings its flames to cleanse deeply, shifting the vibrational frequency with speed while releasing the subtle films within a few hours, rather than days or years. Therefore, when the Cremation of the physical body takes place 5 to 7 days after the starting point of the Journey back Home, it helps the Soul to go through the various transitional stages, unaffected by the density of the atmosphere on Earth.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Brief excerpt from Book "MESSAGES OF LIGHT: Transformation of the Human Consciousness" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009 (second edition)
Message of Light - No.10
People often learn to fear Magic since its meaning becomes misunderstood and misinterpreted under the division of black and white.
When one observes the pure nature of all things around him/her with an open heart then one senses the profundity of Magic, recognising instantly that s/he IS part of it and feeling enchanted. This exact felt sense is the Energy of the Universe connecting everything together synergistically every single moment.
When the human mind works it all out via mechanical thinking, then it all looks coincidental and random, leaving out all the magical details of the inner and outer threads that connect it all with divine perfection. Consequently, one experiences life as if it were an arbitrary situation or a flat statistic based on hypothesis.
When one swims through the Flow without fear, taking care to observe carefully the synchronistic dance one IS already involved in by nature, one becomes well aware that everything taking place has a clear and concise purpose, discreetly connecting all the parts to a magical whole. Everywhere there is meaning; all rings true sense. This IS the Power of Magic from 'above' that Creates miracles, including the little things experienced within everyday life.
When one truly appreciates the divine Gifts s/he already carries by birth - innate tools owned without effort, blessings - then one becomes the Magus consciously, co-creating and sounding the echo of Magic in action that gathers powerful forces together to manifest the impeccable wish not yet manifested.


Brief Excerpts from Book "THE EMBODIMENT OF THE INVISIBLE SOUL IN THE CONTINUUM OF LIFE" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009
In order that the Soul manifests itself to experience life on Earth, it needs a material body.
Depending on the history of the Soul during the many cycles of its incarnation and current needs for further development, it carries the most appropriate restriction in memory, i.e. number of veils one wears that specify how far one remembers. At the same time, on the subtle levels of Existence the Soul always retains its original memory, either consciously or subconsciously (depending on the developmental stage).
In all essence, the biological body is only the perishable vehicle through which the Soul manifests itself temporarily on the physical plane also. It is the divine origin and nature of this 5-sense body that makes it possible to form itself so intelligently, in order to receive the Blessing of the Soul's Energy.
It is universal knowledge that matter in all its forms emits radiation as it contains Energy fields of various frequencies. Elementally, matter is condensed Energy that has solidified. However, once the Soul empties the human body of its Presence, then the souless material vehicle cannot demonstrate by itself human life in all its known manifestations. It becomes a form of solidified matter of its own Energy while in the process of deforming and disintergrating, still carrying the imprints of the Soul.
The whole purpose of the Soul's embodiment is evolution; in other words, the gradual unfolding of the Consciousness through experience until one reaches the original point of Union with the Monad. It is not the Soul itself that needs to evolve, as it is always perfect. It is the human as s/he manifests his/her Soul in each incarnation, who begins his/her journey at the lower levels of Existence to reach the top layers learning how to become fully the Soul s/he IS while still on Earth. This is achieved by gradually dropping the veil of ignorance and remembering fully who s/he IS beyond the temporary personality and identity s/he wears.
It is the individual Energy signature of the Soul that connects one with the All That Is, exactly in the way the silver cord keeps the subtle bodies connected to the physical body, which carries the key to one's transfomation while still embodied.
It is the individual Energy signature of the Soul; a minute yet unique and necessary part that composes the Universe, which eventually attunes the human to the sacred spark of his/her own divine nature.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Brief Excerpt from Book "THE EMBODIMENT OF THE INVISIBLE SOUL IN THE CONTINUUM OF LIFE", by Isis St Germaine, November 2009
Tasting 'life', 'sleep' and 'death' through the most painful and enlightening experiences, I have received the honour from 'above' to find out the magical thread which connects all three states into one. On retrieving my original memory, I have recognised that the actual difference among the three is indeed very subtle, since it hides within the alterations in frequency that take place at the vibrational level while the Soul transits from one level of consciousness to another. Basically all three states are processes of Energy shifting while flowing like water, renewing Existence. Consequently, beyond the barriers of dichotomic perception, within my reality 'life', 'sleep' and 'death' have found at their place ONE simple and powerfully unified meaning, which I conceive as THE CONTINUUM OF LIFE.
The answer is rather simple, when one relies on the power of inner truth rather than the linear mind's need to prove it scientifically. According to the Universal bible (as I call it) THE SOUL - i.e Consciousness, IS ALWAYS WAKEFUL AND ALERT WHETHER IT 'LIVES', 'SLEEPS' OR 'DIES'. The Soul is wide awake at all times in all eternity, whether it manifests its wakefulness within the vessel of the human body or without. It is within the density of the Earth that the human mind projects onto the Soul the ignorance that it goes asleep at nights or dies, by wearing the veil which is necessary. It is the Soul's invisibility (to the ordinary human eye) and its immaterial/intangible nature (to the ordinary human touch) that create this confusion, since whatever appears to go beyond the 5 senses is classified as super-natural or extra-ordinary and often as unreliable requiring logical proof to exist. Consciousness exists within and beyond time-space; it is the breath of Life eternal that carries the original Energy which owns complete knowledge of The All That Is. And it is only through opening the door to the palace of the Heart that one can find valid proof for it.


" If you wish to find Perfect Love...
- OK,
- don't sell your home and assets to give it all to the poor,
- don't become a slave to anyone,
- don't give one third of your property to those who have less,
- don't give your coat to the one who is cold and homeless,
- Don't take the coat from the one who is cold,
- Don't take his bread,
- Don't sue or pursue anyone,
- Don't 'eat anyone alive'; watch your thoughts ,
SIMPLY let another in peace and watch what YOU do carefully...
Is it SO hard to do this?


Brief Excerpt from Book "MESSAGES OF LIGHT: Transformation of the Human Consciousness" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009 (second edition)
Message Of Light - No.6
As Healing Mother Mary once explained to me in one of my big moments of despair: " Light is having Faith in the esoteric Truth of Heaven"
When one feels despair, one can quite easily understand that s/he is poles apart from having Faith. Doubting the Light the one IS, means to bring forth purposeful hard work in order to dissolve the illusive sense of separation between Heaven and Earth. So both despair and doubt are necessary basic tools for the human Soul, which are only meant to facilitate the process of recognising the Power of Faith as it is always glowing triumphantly in the darkness for all to see.
What IS Faith?
Based on my experiences and the illuminating Guidance I have been gratefully receiving ceaselessly, Faith is the Great Force that makes it all possible in life; it is the strong conviction of the Heart. It is the fire sparkles that energise, reminding the human Soul that s/he is never alone, giving clarity and reassurance and showing the Way ahead. It is the hands of Heaven that know exactly the moment to hold one from falling. It is the magic wand that becomes available as soon one is ready to humbly and sincerely ask for help.
However, Faith does not come 'ready on the plate'. One has got to take one's Soul quite seriously; delve within to find the depths of one's Heart while walking past logic and reason, since Faith IS born in the palace of the Heart...


Extract from Book "MESSAGES OF LIGHT: Tranformation of the Human Consciousness" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009 (2nd edition)
Message of Light - No.11
We all have Spirit Guides, i.e. highly evolved Light Beings with whom we plan our next Soul Contracts before we reincarnate. This Blueprint Contract contains the basic issues on which the Soul incarnates to train and work, for further development. It also carries all the possible ways that the incarnated Soul can employ in order to fulfill his/her purpose(s). Consequently, one's life on Earth is based on this particular scenario, which is pre-agreed under the Light of higher Guidance, as well as on his/her ability to create freely all the challenges and invitations that s/he is meant to attract so that s/he learns experientially, recovering his/her original memory.
The right to 'free will' is very much about how far a person is able to make such choices so that s/he follows her Blueprint agreement. When one is attuned to it then one knows exactly what to do and when, since one's Energy flows naturally. So, depending on how one feels about one's current life, one can quite easily sense and understand if one is following one's Path or endlessly creating experiences to learn 'the hard way'. In any case, all comes down to gaining experience and one is always protected and receives Help, whether aware of it or not. Above all, the main issues/lessons that one has come on Earth to try/experiment on handling and perfecting, cannot be avoided in any way. It is all down to one's choices and decisions whether one in-deed facilitates one's Soul's developmental progress or not.
The pre-agreed scenario of life on Earth is pretty clear and straightforward, however if a person remembered it all out consciously, then s/he wouldn't be in a position to experience life spontaneoulsy tasting every little step in the process through all the joys and trials. This is the main reason why often there are only subtle cues as reminders, like small waves that touch one's consciousness, as if to prepare one gently. One knows it all sub- and super-consciously, however on the conscious level the memory is purposefully veiled more or less, depending on the current needs of the Soul.
Every scenario signifies a complete cycle; the one that the incarnated Soul completes before going back Home. There is always continuity as the cycles never end; each Contract links closely to the previous and the next, until one Ascends on all levels and enters the Zone of the eternal Blessing of being permanently at Home.

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Brief Excerpt from Book "MESSAGES OF LIGHT: Transformation of the Human Consciousness" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009 (second edition)
Message Of Light - No.2
The dense physical body is the temporary vehicle of the Soul-Spirit, carrying the responsibility to facilitate its owner in his/her evolutionary Path. All the personal lessons that one has come to experience are already registered within the cellular memory of the physical body. Therefore, manifesting a particular aliment or dis-ease does not mean that one 'has got it all wrong'; on the contrary this IS proof that one needs to attend to the Path s/he has chosen to walk. Consequently, making all the necessary changes which involve purification on the level of the subtle bodies (emotional - mental - spiritual) rather than the dense physical, brings forth transformation.
Furthermore, what I have been alerted to is that the reasons why the physical body has the capacity to collapse do not echo the developmental stage of the embodied Soul, but the particular divine Contract s/he carries to fulfill in this lifetime on Earth. There are many psycho-spiritual reasons why an evolved Soul may choose to experience a certain illness; it is a matter of tuning-in to the deeper layers of one's internal awareness to recover the memory of what hides behind.
Every physical un-wellness is a pre-chosen invitation and challenge; a divine catalyst, prompting the incarnated Soul to delve within to discover the true meaning of 'health'. In all essence, there is no actual dividing line between the statements "I am healthy" and "I am ill" since it is the true acceptance of both states that create Health. It is exactly right at the centre of this polarity that one finds the roots of true health [in the material body, it appears at the solar plexus (i.e. emotional level) and also a bit further up at the thymus gland which filters the heart.] So, it means Health to welcome the temporary illusion and experience of dis-ease, taking full responsibility to trust all the processes involved that bring transformation.


Excerpt from Book "Messages of Light: Transformation of the Human Consciousness" by Isis St Germaine, November 2009 (second edition)
Message of Light - No.8
When one experiences a big unearthing shock, one must know that one meets directly with the powerful Presence of the Great Creator of whom one is always part; The Light.
There are no dramas, calamities or failures; these are make-believe concepts of the human mind in order that one fully enacts the role one has come to experience through play at the temporary theatre, which is staged on Earth.
The sudden shake that causes a serious deep internal earthquake, makes one believe that all has been destroyed; taken away for good. However, as I found out myself, this trial is only to reveal one's difficulty to accept the Cosmic Law of Life itself, which IS Change. What is asked of the incarnated Soul is to let go of the familiar so as to facilitate in this way its evolutionary journey, since in the heart of big turbulence there is always hidden beauty waiting patiently to manifest. Every apparently disruptive event is a Gift that needs to be welcomed openly in order that it becomes fully understood for its purpose within the cyclic process of Life. One shift brings another as everything is interconnected; there is always divine meaning even in the most painfully unthinkable turn.
However, one is trained to believe in separation creating inner barriers and often becoming absorbed by that which s/he considers 'negative'. Then the idea of being a victim obstructs the Way ahead; the Soul's Path looks as if one way in the dark. But the trees always shed their leaves naturally and purposefully, beginning a new cycle that means to signify the ripening of the incarnated Soul. This IS part of Divine Perfection speaking out loud the very fact that Life means C H A N G E.